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New lab, new state, new project

This week I shipped out to San Diego, California to take part in the NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates program hosted by the Engineers for Exploration group at the University of California, San Diego. I am part of a group of 10 undergraduates working on engineering research projects for the next 9 weeks. I am


A Hackathon is an “invention marathon.” ColaHacks was a hackathon sponsored by the University of South Carolina Women in Computing and Association for Computing Machinery student groups. At this hackathon, I worked on a team of three to design a sample software for computer science teachers to use in class. This software is able to

Dragon Curve

I was working on a project for my math class and realized I had never implemented the dragon curve using linear algebra. I spent 15 minutes playing around with my calculator, realized I’m dumb, and spent 5 minutes minutes whipping this up using numpy. Code on github under my fun folder.

NASA Glenn Research Center and ASGSR CFC Experiment

I, along with a group of two other people from my school, Gracen Mueller and Ryan Cuentes, submitted a project proposal to the ASGSR Capillary Flow Challenge that was accepted. The project is testing the ejection of droplets in a zero gravity environment using the Glenn Research Facility’s 2.2s drop tower. My team will be