Brennan Cain

Computer Engineering Student and Robotics Researcher

Category: Workshops

These are workshops I attend to learn more about different subjects. For Hackathons, the code should be available. For seminars, I may take notes or write summaries.


A Hackathon is an “invention marathon.” ColaHacks was a hackathon sponsored by the University of South Carolina Women in Computing and Association for Computing Machinery student groups. At this hackathon, I worked on a team of three to design a sample software for computer science teachers to use in class. This software is able to


I participated in a startup weekend at my town’s incubator. We worked for two days to develop a business plan and a prototype for our service. Our final plan was for a three-part business to educate people about additive manufacturing, create replacement parts for household objects, and print user-submitted parts. Throughout this process, I learned

MIT and MIT Lincoln Labs Beaver Works Summer Institute

I attended a summer program at MIT where I and 45 other high school students took a junior level robotics course where we learned the basics of robotic programming. We learned about PID controllers, openCV and blob detection, GraphSLAM, and professional communication skills. In the end, we had functional autonomous race cars. My team scored