Brennan Cain

Computer Engineering Student and Robotics Researcher

Tag: programming

PWM Generation and Progress

The last couple of weeks, we’ve been working on learning about FPGAs and controls. This week, we made progress on the architecture of the FPGA as well as how to communicate between different IPs. We decided on a few structural componentsu00a0 such as to place the sensor processing to motor mixing in a single IP

Genetic Algorithm for Traveling Salesperson Problem

I decided to revisit an old problem from my junior year artificial intelligence class. My final project was a genetic algorithm to find a non-optimal solution to a Traveling Salesperson scenario. This is not complete as it is not guarenteed to give an optimal solution in any run time, but it gives a reasonable route

Dragon Curve

I was working on a project for my math class and realized I had never implemented the dragon curve using linear algebra. I spent 15 minutes playing around with my calculator, realized I’m dumb, and spent 5 minutes minutes whipping this up using numpy. Code on github under my fun folder.

Programming Problems

I’ve begun to implement some of the classical programming problems in a Github repo. My goal for this is to become familiar with many of the problems in several languages. My plan for implementation is below: Sorts Data Structures Networking (server and clients) Machine Learning (Linear Regressor, Genetic algorithm, neural nets, k-means,) Path finders(Greedy, Djikstra,