17 Apr


A Hackathon is an “invention marathon.” ColaHacks was a hackathon sponsored by the University of South Carolina Women in Computing and Association for Computing Machinery student groups. At this hackathon, I worked on a team of three to design a sample software for computer science teachers to use in class. This software is able to save snapshots of the teacher’s code and also the output when the teacher has a presentable version. After the teacher adds more code, it will save another copy. The goal for this is to eliminate the teacher coding in class which can introduce bugs in the code and also to eliminate teachers showing something like  a jupyter notebook which displays all of the code at one time. Our goal is for this to show the sections of code the teacher wants to show and the additions from the earlier snaps.

Our code is FOSS and available at this link. We hope to continue work on this project and push the use in our team’s college.